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Here at 228 BAIL, we focus on providing a stress free service and release your relatives or friends from jail in no time. Aside from the actual bureaucratic process, losing the anxiety is just as important. People are afraid of what they do not know, so our customer service aims to explain everything in jargon free terms, only for our clients to be aware of what actually happens. We live by the thought that our reputation is crucial, so each of our clients is the most important one until the job is complete. Therefore, most of our customers get here by referrals and recommendations.

Understanding what warrant checks are about

A warrant check is practically a very bureaucratic process that implies searching for a current warrant, as long as it has been filled against someone in particular. Such verifications are performed on the state, but they may also be performed at a national level. The interesting part is that warrants never expire. Therefore, if you or one of your friends ends up with an open warrant, it must be dealt with in court. A warrant check cannot be obtained by anyone, but only by an official representative of the law. Most checks are performed when someone is stopped in traffic for an illegal move or a random verification, not to mention about the arrests. At the same time, suspicious individuals may also be checked for such records.It is also worth knowing that some employers might gain access to warrant checks, but they obviously require a good enough reason. Verifications are usually performed before hiring someone, only to ensure that they have a clean background. This is when our service steps in. Unless you work for a law enforcement agency, you need someone with experience and the ability to do it. The process asks for care and can become overwhelming for someone without a clue about what steps to go through, hence the necessity of a professional service.

Becoming familiar with the DWI charges

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated, so the charges apply to those who are caught driving while drunk or under the influence of particular drugs. Offenses usually vary by the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). If the levels are low, the penalties may not be very severe. But in high concentrations, the driver risks ending up in jail. If the respective substance is also responsible for an accident or injuries, you risk being charged with a felony. At the same time, driving under the influence with a teenager is also a good enough reason to end up with a felony. Dealing with these charges is often a dead end, especially if this is the first time you go through such a challenge. This is when our service becomes an actual necessity. Here at Las Vegas Bail Bonds, we have the knowledge and experience to reduce your DWI charges as much as possible. It is imperative to get out of jail in order to find a good lawyer and prepare yourself for a lawyer. At the same time, being released also gives you the possibility to deal with your current daily problems, such as your job or business. We offer our Services in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Centennial and North Las Vegas.